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Since time immemorial the world has-been divided into different classes and categories, Some DEPENDING on the right birth, wealth, knowledge and others Purely by sense of belongingness. THUS society as a whole HAS always been is its way of division and Its failure is inevitable everywhere its. The worst of All That happens here is When this difference causes rift in between the two lovers in the form of inter caste wedding When the shares Both families are neck is neck against it. Life in Itself is not much of a problem That Even enough to be with the one we love and vow to spend the rest of our life is in it at the threshold.

It is one of the hottest topics for every generation whether it is the classic Romeo and Juliet gold Even the next door neighbour. DESPITE the fact That Numerous facts and figures-have come and gone with time one and only goal the constant thing that is never changing and remains till this day is inter caste marriage much talk about the problems of every nation and caste. Though we HAD-have done So Many developments in science and technology; Even we-have-been reliable to send men to the moon, equality and freedom Brought up with education to one and all. Brought out the women from being white the housewives to working mothers, yet this centuries old tag of issues Regarding two different culture, caste or Even faith HAS never-been erased by the knowledge Gained at expensive colleges or Even by the high rise in the standard of livelihood.

Love is a wonderful feeling and true love is the greatest gift to mankind. In this rapidly changing world where everyone has their own differences and individualism, it is very difficult to find someone for us to accept how we are not what others think or how the world is watching. There is something to be cherished and maintained. If we want to get rid of all the issues and lead a happy and fulfilling life ahead with the love of our life to solve these cases solutions to inter-caste marriage love problems lays with our Gaurav Sharma A world renowned astrologer. Which itself is an expert in the field Mantras one of the oldest wisdom to eradicate such cases and will help people to lead a happy life. It will be guided through the whole process to help you prepare to answer by conducting a relationship without problem both parents. Pandit ji guide you out of this social stigma of being different and let the difference between the two partners will be best for you and your partner.