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Readers of this web-article may be familiar with the Nadi Astrology, which is resorted to know divine predictions about himself, his past and future, by simply offering a thumb impression. In Jeevanadi Astrology, there is no need to provide thumb print to know everything past, present, or future life. This web-section will offer the very beneficial and elusive information in this Jeevanadi astrology, for the populations of India and other countries around the world. Astrology-related services Jeevanadi our pandit ji, which is one of the best and famous astrologers nadi in India, are also described separately in the section below. For detailed information about Nadi (or Nadi Astrology), please refer to other relevant Web page of this world famous and reliable site.

Jeevanadi astrology is a dynamic, live, dynamic and nadi astrology, where the divine predictions are made by the astrologer nadir, as if the author of the respective nadi it is present before the asylum reply and responds directly to questions or situation. Today nadis most popular are those that were created or composed by Agasthiyar wise, Maharishi Atria, Vashista, Bhrugu, Shukar, Kak Bhujandar, etc. In Jeevanadi also astrology, forecasts are read from relevant palm leaves, but the method of selecting the appropriate palm leave differs from the procedure adopted in the case of Nadi astrology. Again, as in the case of Nadi astrology services, astrology Jeevanadi services can also be availed through online means.

To avail authentic and priceless predictions and suggestions of our famous astrologer Jeevanadi Gaurav Sharma, get an appointment to meet him on the specified date and time is prerequisite. On the date and time fixed, the asylum answer appears before our virtuous Pandit ji and August. After making a sincere prayer by him / her to get the blessing of God the creator and nadi, Gomes or cowries forming a number of 108, are thrown for accurate tracing of palm leave. Based on the number and directions of cowries thrown headlong topple, the most relevant palm leave is drawn.