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Sade Sati Shani is one of the most famous and formidable periods of time in a person's life. During this period of seven years (hence the name "Sade Sati") the data is supposed to deal with various problems and challenges that can be softer to harder. In order to help people with this Shani Sade Sati dosha, this Web page is being written. Mentionable here that our astrologer Gaurav Sharma is one of the magnificent and extremely reliable astrologers of India with worldwide prominence and popularity.

During his successful career and raise astrology covering more than a decade, he has helped many sufferers this time of notorious transit but the purification of Saturn in the birth horoscope. Almost all dosha and problems related to various areas of life astrological evil, have been deftly handled, resolved or removed by the solutions and services of our pandit ji scholar and benign India astrology and based in Chandigarh (India).

Sade Sati Shani transit is a long seven and half years of Saturn (Shani) of the house 12 and the first house, the second house from the natal Moon in the birth chart of a person. This transit through the three houses mentioned affects the person both externally and internally. The external things are adversely influenced money and finance, career, business, relationships and prosperity of the world. While internal things caused during that period could be the lack of mental peace, health problems, stress and depression, aches and diseases, etc.