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Derivative Sthapathya Veda, Vastu Shastra is an ancient science and immensely beneficial concerned with the use of positive energy of nature and to minimize or eliminate the negative effects, through the construction of houses and other buildings through the knowledge given by this well-tested science. Thus, this ancient and esoteric science allows people to live or work in concrete and other structures that are optimally or at most conducive to peace, health, creativity, and success in life.

This Shastra believes that a house not built in accordance with the principles of this is more likely to negatively affect the thoughts, actions, health, and all things auspicious of its residents. Therefore, residents of such wrong house construction are the most likely to suffer from illnesses, financial loss, legal or medical problems, problems caused by fire or water, agitation, clamour, and regular clashes, quarrels and fights, and even premature death of any person.

Cleverly combining the knowledge contained in the arts and sciences, astrology and astronomy, Vastu Shastra seeks to establish a unique balance among the good and bad forces or energies of nature in and around a concrete or another structure; taking into account the energy inevitably influenced by the five basic elements of nature, namely earth, sky, fire, water and air. The effects of natural forces are considered in eight directions. The lower section deals exclusively with the solutions of our vastu specialist admired in the world of India, and its service Vastu wonderful and attachment to all types of concrete buildings and other structures.