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Vedic Birth Chart Analysis or Vedic horoscope is one of the basic services and pivots offered by our renowned Vedic astrologer and veteran. The analysis of birth chart is considered of paramount importance in Vedic astrology, for the extension of astrological solutions and suggestions and to make accurate astrological predictions. This page is only written to provide detailed and useful information about the Vedic birth chart analysis, and service extended by our very learned astrologer, world-renowned and innovative India, as part of this table.

The astrology birth theme is also known as the birth chart or Janamkundali or Vedic birth horoscope. Since ancient times, the picture of the birth of astrology was used to predict possible events being things and success in various spheres of life of the native (whose birth chart is being analyzed). Thus, the birth horoscope is certainly a beautiful and unique way to get vital information about things from life. The birth of a person subject indicates the exact position of all the planets in the astrological houses and specific zodiacal sign, at the time of birth of the person. This table is the basis for very reveal things and make predictions associated with various aspects of life of the native.

The presence of the planet (s) and any specific certain zodiac sign in a house, collectively affect the things of life in connection with this house. In addition, the good and the bad influences of various planets on a certain house, also affect issues that house. Movement of the planets and the presence of some good or bad Yogas in the birth chart, also affects things and events in various areas of life. Thus, observation and expert analysis of the flowchart of birth of a person reveal precise state of affairs in all the most important sectors of the life of that person during his / her entire life.