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The branch of astrology, which uses the name and date of birth of a person, to make calculations and astrological predictions, and also to propose solutions to problems related to various areas of life, is revealed known as numerology. This numerology, the old and well-tested science of numbers was very popular and reliable in India, Egypt, China, Greece, and many European countries. Solutions and forecasts provided on the basis of this numerology, were very precise, efficient, and therefore, reliable. Therefore, in this page we present you with very sumptuous and beneficial information on astrology by name and date of birth and time to help people in need around the world. Here it should be mentioned that our great astrologers of India and the world famous and one of the best and include inseparably numerology to enrich the range of impeccable and miraculous solutions for the happiness, success and prosperity People across the world.

Astrology or numerology, based on the name and date of birth, makes constructive and profitable uses frequencies or powers of numbers derived from the name (preferably the full name) and date of birth of a person vibratory specific. Numerologists do not believe in the fact that occult and esoteric frequencies or powers contained by these two main numbers and influence essentially different things affect the whole life of the person concerned.

Our astrologer-cum-numerologist is able world famous and is well versed in providing effective solutions to specific problems based on either of these things, the name or the full name and date of birth (DOB). However, comprehensive solutions and predictions after analyzing these two things will undoubtedly be the most accurate, reliable and efficient.