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Besides being quite prominent in countries around the world as a veteran and loyal astrologer, Gaurav Sharma is also recognized as a specialist rather love astrology expert problem, which can deftly provide excellent and quick solutions to all issues related to love. The extent of its customers is constantly increasing, and about 10,000 of them are fully satisfied customers and unwavering him. These customers resident in India, across Asia, and in many countries in Europe and North America, and were availing its astrological solutions to problems related to almost all areas of life. This page provides exclusive and highly beneficial material on its solutions and services based on love astrology numerology, lavish benefits for fans and families worldwide.

Both partners in love may rely on the love numerology solutions to solve or eliminate the problems associated with their love by revealing his / her full name to our just and benevolent love astrologer. After obtaining the full name of the person concerned, our astrologer-cum-numerologist will do the calculations to discover the expression or Destiny Number [based on the full name], and intimate number [vowels in the name]. Based on these basic figures, then it will offer solutions and suggestions for making the relationship concerned, without problems or obstacles, stronger, and long lasting. Its solutions can be in forms of remedial or beneficial gems, yantras astrology, and changes in large letters or numbers associated names with the client or his / her spouse or romantic partner. Love astrology by name only is also fully reliable and beneficial.

Love astrology birth date is certainly very accurate and reliable, due to the fact that the date of birth (DOB) cannot be changed, it is natural. However, numerology calculations that involve both the full name and date of birth of the person concerned are undoubtedly the most reliable and perfect. After obtaining the respective dates of birth of two people in love, our pandit ji discover the life path number [base date of birth] for each person; in addition to knowing the anniversary issue of two people. Then, on the basis of specific frequencies held by these two basic numbers, our astrologer make predictions about the love life of each person. Finally, the same procedure is followed for providing solutions, as mentioned in the section above.