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Precious stones have been used since ancient times is important to mitigate or eliminate the harmful effects of planets and build good and constructive powers or influences favouring planets. Gemstones are known for the ability to absorb specific planetary radiation, and thus protect the native of likely problems related to health, finances, family, business / profession, social status, etc. Different gemstones have impacts or outcomes; and precious stones not only influence the thoughts and actions of people wearing them, but also the whole body of the people. Therefore, before making a gem of a person is strongly advised to consult a renowned astrologer and mature, to avoid the possible adverse effects of the gemstone.

Our specialist astrologer gemstone Gaurav Sharma overall approval advise wearing any gemstone after thorough and careful observation of the organizational chart of the birth of its every customer. Things considered while making the observation and analysis are the location and nature of the planets in the chart, the transit of planets, good and bad effects of planets, good and bad Yogas of astrology, etc. Besides suggesting the gemstone most curative or beneficial, it also provides advice regarding the best time to wear the gemstone proposed on the specific finger, the most appropriate metal for the pedestal ring, and purification mantra and energizing process and to be well executed before wearing the ring set gemstone.